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DJ Photo 1998 Resume for David Johnson
Name: David Ray Johnson
Location: Hensley, AR    (USA)
Phone: 832.474.0981
Desired Salary Range: $110,000.00 /year Full-time
$125.00 /hour Contract
Willing to Re-Location? Yes
Position Type Preference: Full Time / Contractor

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General Information:
Name: David Ray Johnson
Location: 21317 Meadow Acres
Hensley, Arkansas 72065
US Citizen: YES
Occupation: System Operator
Current Employer: Entergy
Desired Salary Range: $110,000.00 /year Full-time
$125.00 /hour Contract

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Contact Information:
Email address:
Snail Mail: 21317 Meadow Acres
Hensley, AR 72065
Phone: 832.474.0981

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I n Consideration of Employment Opportunity within your organization

M y current employer is Entergy. I am currently seeking opportunities with well established companies.

F or over 30 years, I have been in a unique position that presents many opportunities to explore and develop new technologies, work with all levels of the organization and gain expertise with a wide variety of PC and server based software and hardware. This is 20 years of (computer) experience, with one of the largest electric utility companies in the U.S.. Having responsibilities, expertise and experience in the design, development, implementation and support for a wide variety of software on a variety of platforms, as well as presentation and facilitation skills, I frequently provide management with recommendations and presentations on various projects. Consequently, I am also frequently sought as a resource by other organizations within Entergy Services for my expertise. This usually takes the form of team participation and/or leadership rolls. However, I am most often sought out for my abilities to quickly design, develop and implement innovative solutions that take advantage of newer technologies. By developing and maintaining such a flexible skills set, I have positioned myself to quickly adapt new strategies to meet changing organizational needs.

I look forward to having the opportunity to meeting with your organization to discuss how I might fill your organizations needs. I am certain that, given the opportunity, you will find that not only do I have many desirable skills, I have the attitude and interpersonal skills that demonstrate a personal and professional commitment to doing my very best for the organization I work for. Until then, please don’t hesitate to call should you have a need for additional information.

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T echnical E xperience / S kills:
Electric Industry Experience In:
     * EHV Transmission Design
     * Transmission Operations
     * Generation Operations
     * Fossil Operation
     * System Planning
     * Bulk Power Transactions
     * EMS Applications Development
Administrator on and Development for:
     * Internal Webserver (Inranet)
     * External Web Server (Internet)
     * E-Commerce / Secure Web Server (Internet)
     * NT Server
     * FTP Server
     * NT Workstation
     * Novell
     * CCMail Gateway
     * WSI Weather System
Development Environments / Languages:
     * Visual Basic Enterprise
     * FTP
     * HTML
     * Java
     * JavaScript
     * Email
     * VBA (Word, Excel,Access, Outlook, etc.)
     * FORTRAN
     * DOS
     * PL1
     * SAS
     * TSO
Other Skills and Experience:
     * Team Leader and Facilitation
     * Software & Hardware Evaluation, Recommendation and Procurement
     * Technical Documentation
     * Process Mapping and Documentation
     * Enterprise-wide Applications Development and Delivery
     * Project Requirements Gathering and Documentation
     * Tape Back-Up and Recovery Support
     * PC Hardware Support, Installation, Set-Up, etc.
     * Electric EHV Transmission Line Design
     * Bulk Power Transactions
     * Electrical System Operations (Dispatching)
     * Electrical System Security And Monitoring
     * Electric System Switching
     * Power Plant Principles
     * First Aid Instructor

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W ork E xperience:
System Dispatcher II - (2015-present)
     * Entergy; Little Rock, Arkansas
     * Transmission Operator
     * System Transmission Dispatcher duties include Power World Model Updates, Transmission Outage Scheduling and
        Switching Coordination, System Grid Voltage and Load Monitoring, Nuclear Contingency Violations Monitoring,
        Unit Status Tracking, MISO Crow Updates, Complete All Assigned Training Task, Maintain Situational
        Awareness of All System Constraints, Potential IROL and Potential Load Shed Situations.
System Dispatcher II - (2011-2014)
     * Entergy; The Woodlands, Texas
     * Marketing and Generation Dispatcher
     * System Dispatcher duties as a Marketer and Generation dispatcher (bulk power purchases and sales, transaction
        accounting, check-outs,, OATI tagging, transmission reservations, generation dispatching, respond to DCS
        events, respond to reserve sharing pool obligations, monitor system reserves, monitor system fuel burns,
         initiate unit start-up and shut-downs, monitor generation hourly values, follow reliability directives),
         Completion of additional training as required and assist in the review and development of operating procedures.
System Dispatcher II - (2011)
     * Prep Intl.; Charlotte, NC
     * Duke Contractor – Duke Energy Reliability Coordinator
     * System Dispatcher duties as a Interchange Authority (Monitor Telemetry data, Review hourly readings, initiate
        schedule of Inadvertent Payback, periodic readings validation with external companies, verify all schedule
        changes with external companies, verify EMS schedule values are valid, over-ride failed telemetry signals,
         monitor tagging system and automated tagging process), Balancing Authority (monitor generation reserves,
         monitor contingency reserves, assure reserves pool obligations meet, review and approval of daily
        operating plan for local generation, review of unit constraints and operating reserves),
        complete assigned training for Duke internal training and CE hours for NERC Certificate maintenance.
Software Applications Developer - (2010)
     * AIG Global Services, Inc.; Houston, Texas
     * RCGIT Contractor – Javascript Developer
     * Development, Support and configuration of “Service Now” for AIG corporate help desk. This application was deployed
        world-wide to AIGs domestic and foreign offices to help manage Help Desk support functions (problem
        reporting, hardware/software requests, security/access, etc.) at over 100 offices world-wide.
Software Applications Engineer - (2000-2010)
     * SAIC, Inc.; The Woodlands, Texas
     * SAIC Contractor - Entergy Management Organization
     * Primary Responsibilities: Server, PC and web software, development and support.
IT Consultant - (1997-1999)
     * Entergy Services, Inc.; The Woodlands, Texas
     * Corporate IS - Entergy Management Organization
     * Primary Responsibilities: Server, PC and web software, development and support.
Program Analyst III - (1991-1996)
     * Entergy Services, Inc.; Pine Bluff, Arkansas
     * Power System Operations EMS Applications Department
     * Primary Responsibilities: Server, PC and web software, development and support.
Bulk Power Dispatcher II (1986-1991)
     * Entergy Services, Inc.; Pine Bluff, Arkansas
     * System Operations Dispatching Department
     * Primary Responsibilities: Bulk Power Management (Bulk Power System Transactions,
        Generation Control, System Security), Application Development.
Engineering Assistant II (1980-1986)
     * Arkansas Power & Light; Little Rock, Arkansas
     * Transmission Engineering Department
     * Primary Responsibilities: EHV Transmission Design, Computer Development.

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