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It has been great getting re-acquainted with old friends from Entergy, this week. I have been out of the Dispatch group way too long and to tell the truth, being back at Entergy feels a little strange. Things should settle down in a few weeks as I start to re-learn the system. Today I got a three inch thick envelope with all the benefits stuff in it. Hopefully Rhonda and I will get done with the yard work early Saturday and have some time to go over my benefits.
Next week I will start sitting on the dispatch floor and getting familiar with their procedures. It will be better than sitting in front of the computer all day reading procedures. I have a lot to learn and re-learn before I get put on a shift..
Itís amazing how much of the code I wrote, so many moons ago, is still running and being used daily. I was happy to hear about a few of my old programs that have actually been re-written by some of the current programmers.
David Johnson

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