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   The story that follows is about one man's extraordinary journey from a casual relationship with God to one of total trust and faith in God. He is not the only one affected by this adventure. Profound changes in his life also have a lasting impact on the lives of those around him. At some point many Christians make this journey. However, few do it amidst such extraordinary circumstances where adventure, danger and desperation culminate in an epiphany about God.
   Where possible I have used real places that I am very familiar with. All character names are purely fictional. Any similarities to actual people are purely coincidental and unintentional. The technology depicted and it's use is based on real world capabilities that currently exist.
   While this story is a fictional work, there are many excellent, non-fictional books on the subject of Bible Codes. Two of my personal favorites are books by Grant R. Jeffery titled "The Hand-Writing of God" and "The Mysterious Bible Codes". You can also find quite a large volume of information on this subject via the Internet. The phenomenon of Bible Codes has only recently surfaced because it takes a fast computer to search the original Hebrew text and find the encoded words.
   The references to the National Security Agency (N.S.A.) and Echelon are in fact based on a documentary that appeared on television and additional information found on the Internet. Governments with sufficient technology already have the ability to monitor their citizens in a variety of ways. Echelon is the name for a international telecommunications surveillance project that is carried out by a United Kingdom-United States alliance. Many resources on the Internet have text about Echelon.
   If you get half the enjoyment reading this as I did in it's writing, then it was well worth both our efforts.