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   Author's Biography:
   David Johnson was born and raised in small town in central Arkansas. His early life experiences revolved around church, family, hunting, fishing and water sports. As a young man he married and began a career with the local utility company. As computers became prevalent in the workplace, David discovered a gift for understanding computers and in particular writing computer programs. For the past 21 years he has been employed in the computer field, writing computer programs and developing Internet based applications and web sites. During this time he has worked with the latest in programming and Internet technologies.
   David Johnson is a Christian and enjoys reading various texts on the Bible. He is an ordained Southern Baptist Deacon who is actively involved in his local church. Other areas in which he has served his local church include, Sunday School coordinator, steering committee member, nominating committee chairperson, Sunday School teacher, trustee and choir member.
   David's wife currently works in the corporate travel industry. Her career has afforded them travel experiences in other countries, some of which included Mexico, the Caribbean and various countries throughout Europe.
   For the past 13 years David and his family have resided north of Houston, Texas. Previously they lived in their home state of Arkansas.
   Currently, David and his wife enjoy frequent trips via motorcycle, to various locations in the southern United States when they are not attending church or playing with their grandkids.