South Padre, Texas Trip 1999
A Few Photos From the Trip
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Friday, September 3, 1999
      Kerry, Sonya, Brook and Tessa flew from Little Rock, Arkansas to Houston.
We met them at Houston International Airport and left for South Padre, TX around 8:00 p.m.
We stopped and ate at McDonald's before leaving Houston. The next six hours was long and tedious.
Our expedition included 4 adults (Kerry Bowen, Sonya Bowen, Rhonda Johnson and David Johnson), 4 teens (Daniel Johnson, Amanda Johnson and their friends Jessie and Crystal), 2 children (Brook Bowen and Tessa Bowen) and 2 dogs (Gizmo and Little Bit). We traveled in 3 vehicles.
Saturday, September 4, 1999
      We all finally got to the beach around 1:00 p.m. We spent the day shopping and swimming. We took the dogs to the beach and let them run in the waves. Gizzy didn't really like the water, but Little Bit loved it. We made the traditional 3 trips to the grocery store. We ordered Pizza, gave the dogs a bath and settled in for the night.
Sunday, September 5, 1999
      It was a rainy day and we all decided to make a run for the border. We drove to Brownsville (about 30 miles) and walked across the border. We all wished we had brought more money and had more room to take things back home. After returning to the condo (South Padre) it was getting late in the day and we all went to the beach. We took the dogs to the beach and let them run in the waves. Everyone had baths and around 9:00 we ate dinner at a Mexican restaurant. The food was not that good and they were out of chicken and steaks.
Monday, September 6, 1999
      We finally got on the road around 10:00 am. By 11:30 it was apparent that it was going to take longer to get home than the trip down. Kerry, Sonya and the girls had a 6:55pm flight back to Arkansas and we were running into all kinds of traffic, road construction and heavy rain. Kerry and Sonya missed their flight by about 5 minutes. However, they we placed on another flight (free of charge) that put them several hours late, getting home.

By 10:30 pm Rhonda and I were enjoying the best part of the trip (getting home and sleeping in our own bed). Everyone made it home and although exhausted, after the long drive back we all went to work the next day.

All-in-all, South Padre is not a real great place for children. They have a lot of night clubs, a nice beach, surfing, para-sailing, jet ski, horse back riding, etc.. Rhonda and I plan to go back some day, to do some more shopping in Mexico and walk on the beach.

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