The 3 Day Ride North Log
Participants: David Johnson and Leo Bell
Period: 03/27/2008- 03/29/2008

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Thursday 03/27/2008 07:00 [1 - mile 0]
     We departed from Leo Bell's driveway (Splendora, Texas) on-time and on schedule.
Thursday 03/27/2008 09:30 [2 - mile 200]
     We made our first stopped in Marshal, Texas for gas. On these bikes 200 miles seems to be a tank.
Thursday 03/27/2008 11:30 [3 - mile 355]
     We stopped to eat Lunch at the Cracker Barrel in Caddo Valley, Arkansas. We had stopped at the Arkansas welcome center in Texarkana to call and see if Mom could meet with us for lunch. She was on her way home from the doctors office and Dad was up on the lake fishing. We had the chicken and dumpling lunch special and it was good. We just beat the lunch crowd.
Thursday 03/27/2008 13:45 [4 - mile 416]
     We stopped just north of Hot Springs, Arkansas for gas.
Thursday 03/27/2008 15:30 [5 - mile 445]
     We stopped at the Wal-Mart in Dardanelle, Arkansas and bought dinner.
Thursday 03/27/2008 16:30 [5 - mile 450]
     The ride up Mount Nebo is very, very steep and has switch-back on an incline. For motorcycles this means one thing; once you start up and around a hair-pin curve, you don't stop or change gears, until youíre out of the turn. Doing either almost certainly means your going to drop your bike. Leo and I got behind a car that was hesitating in the curves, mid-way through. Lucky for us he did not stop in the curve. We went to the Mount Nebo, Arkansas visitor center and got a camping spot for the night. We got a great camping location (#17) on the bluff. After setting up the tents Leo made some coffee and we ate our dinner (salami, crackers, Colby cheese and coffee). After dinner we went to Sunset point and watched the sunset on a beautiful day.
Atop Mount Nebo you can not help but be swept away with the splendor, vastness and beauty of God's creation. The view is awesome! They have rustic cabins in addition to the camping spots.
The weather had been in the low-mid 70's with partly cloudy skies all day; perfect riding weather. The wind was blowing pretty hard up on the mountain that night. Fortunately the tent were all staked down well. We called it a day shortly after dark.

Friday 03/28/2008 06:00 [5 - mile 450]
     We got up and started breaking camp. It was starting to mist and the wind was cold. I checked the weather report and it was calling for thunder storms that morning in the area. We made a hasty departure after eating a few coffee cakes and drinking our coffee. On the way down the mountain it was just starting to get light.
Friday 03/28/2008 09:00 [6 - mile 535]
     The day started dubiously, then it just got plan old nasty. By the time we got to the Cliff House Restaurant in Jasper we were over due for a hot cup of coffee. Two cups later we were pressing on. The temperature stayed around 35F and the rain, mist, heavy fog was with us all the way to Springdale, Arkansas. Arkansas highway 74, west out of Jasper, turned out to be a fantastic drive despite the miserable weather. This stretch of road is just as good a ride as the Pig Trail, from what we could tell (rain and heavy fog slowed us down and limited visibility to 100 yards or less at times). We passed a group of about 10 bikes headed the opposite way. They were headed into the bad weather we had just started leaving behind.
Friday 03/28/2008 12:30 [7 - mile 615]
     We were a few hours behind schedule when we stopped in Springdale, Arkansas for lunch. We had the lunch special at a catfish place. The hot food was just as welcome as the rain giving way to an overcast sky. The temperatures my have gotten up to 45F at some point. But, we didnít really notice if it did. We were very thankful for the rain to finally stop.
Friday 03/28/2008 14:00 [8 - mile 695]
     We made it to Joplin, Missouri. We had left the rain behind us in Arkansas. The overcast sky and cooler temperatures persisted and this made for manageable, but less than idea, riding conditions. We topped-off the tanks and made our way to 7th street which turns into old route 66, west of Joplin.
Friday 03/28/2008 15:00 [9 - mile 705]
     We made a single stop for photos in Kansas on route 66. We were about two hours behind schedule, due to the rain and fog in Arkansas that morning. As soon as Route 66 crossed over into Oklahoma, we jumped back up on I-44 and headed for Oklahoma City. Wish we had more time to ride and explore old route 66. But, the weather had taken a bit out of our zest for riding and a hot tub was many miles south yet. Oklahoma I-44 involves paying a toll in several places. It ended-up costing $6.50 a piece all together for the toll roads. We were not willing to lengthen the route just to save a little or delay getting to the hotel.
Friday 03/28/2008 16:00 [10 - mile 850]
     We stopped south of Tulsa for gas. I-44 was a nice ride. Not many other bikes out due to the cool weather.
Friday 03/28/2008 16:00 [11 - mile 925]
     We made it to the Baymont hotel, on I-35, in Oklahoma City, after sitting in some rush hour traffic. The hotel was a nice place. They tried to change our reservations from rooms with king beds to rooms with double beds. After a short discussion they suddenly found a suite and a king bed room at the reserved rates. Neither of us wanted to go back out for dinner. So, we just had a few snacks and called it a night. A hot soak in the tub was Sooooo very nice!

Saturday 03/29/2008 07:10 [11 - mile 925]
     After filling-up at the breakfast buffet we saddled-up and continued south on I-35. It was misting and the temperatures were still in the 40s. Our motivation is the promise of warmer and sunnier skys to the south.
Saturday 03/29/2008 08:10 [12 - mile 975]
     We stopped to get gas before pushing onward through Dallas. We are both ready to get home and the road was only getting longer.
Saturday 03/29/2008 10:00 [13 - mile 1120]
     Slicing through Dallas was nice as Saturday traffic was light. We took I35 to I45 and out the south end of Dallas. The weather seems to be clearing and the temperatures are back up in the 60s.
Saturday 03/29/2008 11:00 [14 - mile 1180]
     We stopped to get gas before making the final push home. The clouds are giving way to a sunny day and the temperatures are back up in the 70s.
Saturday 03/29/2008 12:50 [15 - mile 1315]
     Just south of Huntsville I got a souvenir from a state trooper. It was just a warning for speeding. The Lord just keeps blessing me. I took the opportunity to peel off some clothes. The temperatures were up in the 80s and I was cooking in all the gear I had on. Leo split off just north of Conroe on FM3083, headed for his house in Splendora.
Saturday 03/29/2008 14:10 [16 - mile 1330]
     Home sweet home!
~~~~~~ The End ~~~~~~