David and Rhonda Johnson 26th Wedding Anniversary Get-A-Way
Dates: Monday 01/22/2007 - Thursday 01/25/2007
Location: Ben Pearson Lodge (near Prim Arkansas)
Bush Master Cabin
Our 2008 Photos

Monday 01/22/2007

We arrived at the house of Ben & Paulette Pearson around 3:00 pm. After a brief introduction we followed Mr. Pearson down to the cabin (Bush Master). Mr. Pearson took us on a brief tour of the cabins. The newest cabin is called "Bois d' Arc" and is located on a peak some distance from the canyon that shelters the "Bush Master" and "Longbow Cave" cabins. The temperature was around 34oF and there was still some ice around the canyon walls from much colder temperatures and precipitation the week before.

Maps Of Location: Map#1Map#2

By 5:00 pm we had finished unpacking and made the pleasant discovery that Rhonda's (Cingular) and my (Verizon) cellular phones had zero bars (no service). We were about 4 miles from the Pearson's house and there are no phones in the cabins. The road back into the canyon is steep and anything over 5 or 6 mph will be certain disaster in a few of the steep grades. It would be difficult, if not impossible, to make the drive with snow or ice on the well maintained, gravel road.
At first I was optimistic about a small TV perched on a VCR. But, soon Rhonda discovered that the TV was for playing VCR tapes only. Next we spotted the boom box. Playing with it revealed that there were very few stations to be picked up in the canyon. Later that evening I moved the boom box upstairs and we listened to a station for a few hours. But, as darkness approached the station faded. We had finally cut our techno bonds with the world and were totally off the grid for the next few days. And that is exactly what we wanted, peace and quiet.
After unpacking, we fixed dinner. The first nights menu included roast beef sandwiches, Fritos and a can of been dip. We had been on the road a good portion of the day. So after unloading and eating dinner, we struggled to stay awake much past 8:00 pm.
The bed room is a loft above the kitchen area. All the heat from downstairs rises to the loft. At bed time we turned the heat down and cracked open one of the bedroom windows. We went to sleep to the sound of the waterfall every night.

Tuesday 01/23/2007

We woke up around 7:00 am. To day is our 26th wedding anniversary. We stayed at Longbow 15 years ago (in the Longbow Cave Cabin).
We discovered that orange juice mixes with Welchís Sparkling White Grape juice very well for a breakfast drink. After breakfast we went on a hike Ĺ mile up the north side of the canyon. We found another waterfall and took some pictures. We didnít get back until sometime around 11:00 am.
We changed clothes and drove to Heber Springs to pick-up some supplies for a special dinner. The scenic drive over the Greers Ferry Dam (hwy# 263) is spectacular. In Heber Springs we found a Wal-Mart Super store (civilization at last). We purchased a cheap, Styrofoam ice chest, some steaks, twice baked potatoes, breaded mushrooms, jalapeno poppers, spices, bell pepper, onion, butter, etc. for our dinner.
We got home, put our groceries up and settled down for a little reading before fixing dinner. At 4:00 pm we started getting ready for dinner. I rubbed some spices on the steaks and started the grill. Rhonda started heating the twice baked potatoes, jalapeno poppers and breaded mushrooms. By 5:00 pm we were through cooking and ready to eat a fabulous dinner.
After dinner we played Yahtzee until Rhonda noticed that we had visitors on the porch. We fed and photographed the raccoons and then played Yahtzee until about 8:00 pm. We went to bed around 8:30 pm and slept soundly, to the sound of the waterfall, until 7:00 am the next morning.

Wednesday 01/24/2007

We had some Cinnabon rolls (from a can) and some eggs for breakfast. We have grown quite fond of orange juice mixed with Welch's Sparkling White Grape juice for breakfast. After breakfast we played some Yahtzee and worked a few crossword puzzles.
Around 11:00 am we dressed and went for a long hike around the canyon. Today we started our hike on the south side. There arenít any trails to follow. But, we made our own trail. After hiking about Ĺ mile up the canyon, we crossed the creek and came back down the north side (retracing the path we had taken the day before. We spotted four eagles soaring high in the syk. It was well past 1:00 pm before we returned to the cabin and got cleaned up. We settled in to read some in our books. After a little while I spotted a way to get over to the waterfall just out side the picture window of our cabin. So, off we went for more pictures. First Rhonda went and I took pictures. Then she took the photos after I climbed out to the waterfall.
We heated a frozen pizza for our dinner. After that we played games and fed the raccoons. We went to bed around 8:30 pm and slept to the soothing sound of the waterfall until 7:00 the next morning. If this sounds like a lot of sleep to you, then youíd be absolutely right and man does it ever make you feel good the next day. That's what we call getting a quality battery recharge.

Thursday 01/25/2007

We got up at 7:00 am and got dressed for one final hike. Today we decided to hike back up (literally up a steep grade, even for walking) the road to the lower pasture and see if we could spot some eagles. After a brisk 45 minute walk we were in the lower field. There were no eagles to be seen anywhere. Finally we spotted some eagles (spots) soaring a great distance from us. On the way back to the cabin we spotted some nice caves to explore. Unfortunately, these will have to wait until another trip.
As we were packing the car to leave, Ben and his wife pulled into the Longbow cabin area. Ben had mentioned that a film crew was supposed to come in and make some videos of the cabins. We took the opportunity to meet Paulette Pearson (Benís wife). They had their little dog Warwick with them. Warwick is a handsome, young, Shelty and is very attentive to Benís commands.
I really hesitate to say this. But if you are dog tired of the daily grind or perhaps the relationship with your spouse has lost some of the spark it once had, then this remote spot of peace and quiet may be just what you need. For us it is heavenly to have time to focus on absolutely nothing but each other.
Rhonda and I hope to come back here (Bush Master Cabin) and spend a whole week next year. The temperatures were perfect (32o-45oF) for hiking and although the sky was overcast most of the time, it never rained a single drop. But, for now our stay at the Pearsonís cabin is over; but only until next year we hope.

The End
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